Our Lazy Acres

Our Lazy Acres BL Tiny Dancer

Doe - F6

DOB: July 21, 2015

Gold with some white


October 2015 - Dancer suffered from being in the wrong place during her development. Mom was a FF that
had 3 in ther litter. Dancer has some neurolgical and physical problems. She has motion problems and spent
the first 8 weeks of her life inthe house with us. She is behind the others and is kind of fragile. She does
appear to enjoy life and eats well!

Feb 2016 - Dancer has continued to improve and is now the same size as her sister.
She is turning out to be a wonderful looking little doe. She has a beautiful head an nice long body.
I can't wait to see how she looks this summer!!

Oct 2016 - Dancer has contiued to improve is now a very nice looking doe with a beautiful head.
She is looking so much better and has exeeded my expectations for her!!

August 2017 - Dancer has far exceeded all of my expectations for her! She is able to do everything a normal
goat can do - except for jumping. She has to be lifted on to the milking stand. Dancer had a lovely
doeling this year and I am hoping for great things from her next year!!

October 2018 - Dancer has done so well this year!! She kidded triplets in April from my polled buck, and
and all 3 were polled with blue eyes!!! I have just repeated the breeding and am hoping for some
lovely kids again in the spring!!! After being a bit of a terror on the milking stand last year, she
was totally different this year and stands like a statue on the milk stand!! At her peak production
she was putting just over 2# a day in the pail!!! I am super thrilled!!!

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Top Hat Farm MM Bright LIghts
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1x Grand Champion Buck

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Our Lazy Acres BL Tiny Dancer
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Doubletree O'Brian
LA 2013 VVV85
1x Grand Champion Buck
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Picture taken Sept 2018

Picture taken Sept 2018

Picture taken Oct 2016

Picture taken Oct 2016


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