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Top Hat Farm Dragon Tears


DOB: April 9, 2011

2012 LA- VVVV (Young Stock)

Red and Black


Top Hat Farm Dragon Tears is very dairy - long and level.
Tears is strong in general appearance with excellent dairy character and style.

June 2015 - Tears came in as a 4th freshener in April giving me a doe and 2 bucks.
She is milking close to 2# in the morning and feeding them all day. She is a dream to milk
with nice teats and large orifices I am really happy with how she looks this year.

MU Sugar creek NT Tight Wad *S*B
MI Sugar Creek Tune's XM *S*B
GCH/ARMCH Sugar Creek PT Show Tunes1*M/2*D (EEEE 91.1)
4.8# on one day test
5x GCH   3x RGCH
1x Jr RCH  6x Best of Breed
ADGA EEEE91   AGS 92.1
Dill's XM Pandemonium *S
1x Res. Champion Jr Buck
1x Campion Jr Buck
ARMCH Twin Creeks LS Luck of the Draw +*S E
3x GCH,   4x Sr Ch,  5x RSCH,   1x Jr Ch
1x Best of Breed
MCH PromisedLand LD Panacea 4*D
2x Jr GCH   3x Sr GCH
2x Best of Breed
3.3# on one day test & 5.2% fat
Caesar's Villa STS Pandora 3*D
Top Hat Farm Dragon Tears VVVV
Stonewall's Turner Ashby E
Doe-Sy-Doe's TA Appomattox
Doe-Sy-Doe's Tiger Lily *D AR (VEEE 90)
1x GCH Jr
1x GCH Sr Doe
1x Res. GCH Sr Doe
1x Best Udder in Show
Highest test day #5 lbs

MCH/CH Dawnland Tabby's Halifax 'E' 90
1x Jr CH Buck
3x Res CH Buck
1x Sire & Son
3x GCH Buck
3x Best of Breed(ADGA)

Top Hat Farm Sarcastic Comment
DragonFly H Sneak Up On It
DragonFly M Kestrel VG 88.6

picture taken 5/15/2015 - 3 weeks fresh

picture taken 5/15/2015 - 3 weeks fresh


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