Our Lazy Acres

Our Lazy Acres JD Jumping Jack

Buck - K5

DOB: April 14, 2018

Tri color buckskin - random white patches - polled - blue eyes


Jan 2020 - Jumpy has surpassed my expectations!! He has matured into a lovely buck with a personality that does not quit. He is heavily boned but still light and agile on his feet. He is very dairy with a lovely long topline and plenty of arch in the rear. His first kids are onthe ground and I an extremely happy with them.

Oct 2018 - Jumpy is a lovly young buck. He is one of a set of triplets, they all are polled with blue
eyes. All of them are long, well put together and very personable. I am keeping Jumpy for now aand
can't wait to see how he matures,

R Dairy Daze Emanuel (Polled)
J&A Acres Blue Curacao (Polled)
R Dairy Daze Kahlua
J&A Acres Jack Daniels (Polled)
AGS Pocket Sized TH Apollo
The AP Eva Godiva
AGS Molasses Hills VG Yelagiri Blue

Our Lazy Acres Jumping Jack
Our Lazy Acres BL Tiny Dancer

Doubletree O'Brian
LA 2013 VVV85
1x Grand Champion Buck
Our Lazy Acres Bit O Mischief
Top Hat Farm DragonTears

picture tkaen Sept. 2019

picture taken Oct 2017

Jumping Jack - May 2018

Dam: Our Lazy Acres BL Tiny Dancer
Taken May 2018

Dam's udder - 2nd freshening May 2018

Sire: J&A Acres Jack Daniels'
Picture taken Sept 2017

Sire: J&A Acres Jack Daniels'
Picture taken Sept 2017


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