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Doe - E3

DOB: April 11, 2014

Gold with dark dorsal stripe, white star and tail tip


May 2014 - Missy is a lovely little doe, bottle raised since birth. She is a real sweetheart.
I have great hopes for this little doe to be part of my foundation breeding program!!

July 2015 - Missy graced us with 3 kids as a First Freshener. Two of them are super nice. The doeling is
stunning, very long, with a graceful neck and movment to die for. The buckling is very nice, he is very colorful
and has personality plus. The third one is the cutest little doeling, but she is a special needs baby. She was born
with a neck alignment problem and has problems with locomotion. Her personality more than makes up for it!!!

Aug 2015 - Missy has come in with a very nice udder. Her teats are a bit small, however the orifices are large
and she is very easy to milk. I am very happy with her and can't wait to see her on a second freshening!!

April 2016 - Missy kidded 4 as a Second Freshener - 2 bucks and 2 does. One of the does was very small and
was brought into the house for extra care. The bucks are very colorful!!

June 2016 - Missy has surpassed my expectations this year. She has gone from a pudgy doe into a real swan!!
Her udder has come in really nice with large orifices that is easy to milk. She has slimmed down into a really
lovely looking girl. I coul not be happier with her!!

4 Fun Frankie Sinnot *S
AGS Doubletree Trojan
Doubletree C litl Bito Jessica
AGS Doubletree O'Brian
LA 2013 VVV85
1x Grand Champion Buck
Caesar's Villa FD Sherrif *S
AGS Doubletree Sometin About Mary >
Best Udder
1x Champion Doe
2x Reserve Champion Sr. Doe
Doubletree Blue Tahoe

Our Lazy Acres Bit O Mischief
MI Sugar Creek Tune's XM *S*B
Dill's XM Pandemonium
MCH PromisedLand LD Panacea 4*D
2x Jr. Grand Champion
3x Sr Grand Champion
2x Best of Breed
3.38 on one day test & 5.2% fat

Doe-Sy-Doe's TA Appomattox
Top Hat Farm Dragon Tears
2012 LA- VVVV
Top Hat Farm Sarcastic Comment
DragonFly H Sneak Up On It
Picture taken Aug 2015

Picture taken Aug 2015
Picture taken June 2016 as a second freshener

Picture taken June 2016 as a second freshener


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