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Petite Pastures Pine Tree


DOB: July 10, 2019

Black with shite poll, blue eyes


June 2020 - I just got Piney to add to my doe population. She is almost a year old right now. She is very sweet
' and has'a winning personality. With her milking backgraound, I can't wait to ss what she produces next year.'

AGS Buffalo Clover Valentino *DNA* ++B EEE 91
Bright Farms V Jedi Edition *DNA* *B EVV 89
SG CH 2*M J-Nels ER Dumplin *DNA* VEEE 90
India Blue J Dark Knight *DNA* *B
Kyeema Ridgee Hurricane *DNA* VVE 87
6*M India Blue H Jubillee VVVE 88
SG 5*M India Blue EOF Honeysuckle VEV+ 86
Petite Pastures Pine Tree
AGS Piddlin Acres PV Shanghiknight V+V 87
AGS BRB Tiny Town FU Manchu *DNA* V+E 87
AGS Woodhaven Farms Kachina

SG Nc Promisedland SIA Samurai *DNA* ++*B +VV 82

2*M Tiny Town FM Melantha +VV+ 82
SG CH 1*M Tiny Town S Blue Luna VVEE 88
CH Tiny Town Blue Moon

picture taken 6/20


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